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Botany Bay 08/01/2011


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Headed out about 6AM with my sights set on getting some kingys after we pulled some in a few days before, went straight to the bait grounds near the tug boats to get some yakkas, while we were there catching yakkas i saw some action on the surface and thought there might be something decent around stirring up the bait fish so i decided to throw a line over with a prawn, within minutes i pulled in a Moses Perch - 32CM (threw it back in) then casted out again and within minutes was onto a Leather Jacket - 30CM (also threw it back), we then decided to move on before it got too late.

After getting the yakkas we headed to the drums and dropped a few lines, one with a yakka, one with a squid and the other with a prawn, within 5 minutes the prawn line was spooling off the reel big time, after a few minutes of fighting it with the rod bent right over under the boat and it taking me on all sides of the boat it busted me off. :ranting2: About 10 minutes after a bloke in a tinny nearby had the same experience, rod bent right over then just before it surfaced it busted off. I knew exactly how he felt. :074:

We then tried a few other locations, molineaux point, 3rd runway, sticks but didnt have much luck and it seemed everyone was moving around quite a bit so i decided to troll some lures as i was getting desperate and it was well into the afternoon, so we chucked a Popper and a Rapala 4" Husky Jerk out the back and trolled around the heads and molineaux point without much luck and couldnt find much on the sounder, till i went around the 3rd runway and just as i stopped so i could wind in the popper as it got tangled in seaweed the Husky Jerk went off and i was onto a Bonito - 45CM, we then decided to call it a day.

Little disappointed that we couldnt get onto the kings considering there is so many being caught at the moment but still caught a mixed bag of fish and had some fun so it wasnt a bad day. :thumbup:

post-12431-062568800 1294478266_thumb.jpg post-12431-044305300 1294478278_thumb.jpg post-12431-030720000 1294478285_thumb.jpg

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Hello defyet:

I remember seeing ya out their near us, I was the one in the tinny. Got busted off 3-4 times. :ranting2: A few quite words were said to myself before a had a good laugh at it. They kept taking our small lines with just a prawn on it. Hectic fun thou, my mate got one in around 60cms to let him swim off again. Great work on your catch and might see you out there again sometime :1fishing1:


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Haha, Yeah just saw your post with the trevally, when i looked over and saw you get busted off i said to the misses i bet hes shattered. The one that busted me off was on a crappy little hawkesbury prawn aswell, i was out on Wednesday with a mate and he got a kingy on a prawn he had in the water for over an hour. :074: They wouldnt touch the squid or yakkas both days.

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hi All,

I'm a long time lurker and first time poster... looks like a good day out on the Bay. That Bonnie looks ready to turn into a tasty treat of sashimi!

With regards to the perch, its amazing what you'll find in Botany sometimes! A few winters back, I photographed a juvenile clown triggerfish on a scuba dive off bare island... way away from home on the great barrier reef- so you can never say never!

anyhow, good luck on the kingy hunt! I'm still stumps this season.


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