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Ode To My Hat


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I never knew what we'd become

When you were young and new

But we've become the best of mates

Our relationship........ it grew

To keep the sun off was your job

At first... or so I thought

But you became much more than that

The best I've ever bought

And as I look through photos

Of years passed and gone

Most of my good Duskys

Were caught while you were on

I've tried some other hats

Along the way oh yes it's true

But doesnt matter what

I kept on coming back to you

You've lost your shape, you droop

You are a little saggy.

And even I must admit

You look a little daggy

It's true you've faded, torn a bit

Your eyelets even rusting

And people tell me "lose that thing

It stinks and it's disgusting"

'Fi wash you, you'll disintergrate.

Mere threads left you will be.

But that I could not handle

Rather lose you to the sea

But I believe you have more years

To sit upon my head

And I believe we'll catch more fish

And so it will be said

"you were the greatest hat I've owned

Best ever made of cotton"

And if I ever lose you

You ll be gone............. but not forgotton






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:1crybaby: twas beautiful, that poem

the one about your hat.

and if you can not wear it

you could use it as a mat

see, things like that are funny

it could have another life

no longer worn on top your head

on it, your shoes, you'll wipe

the story of the hat thus far

is gettin a bit off track

but for your thoughts and poem

you get a big pat on the back.


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Brought a tear to my eye.

Yesterday I lost my hat in the Wonny. Its blown off my head a million times but for some reason yesterday it chose to sink.

It was an old Fletcher Jones posties hat that i got off my Uncle when he died 11 yrs ago. Didnt like my uncle much but I loved the hat.


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