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Maroubra Rocks


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Hi All,

Was at Maroubra this morning, northern part of the rocks.

Weather was just horrible. Rain/Wind and big swells at high tide. After 2 hours of nothing, I was about to give up and was just looking at the birds while spinning, then suddenly I felt huge smack on my rod and it nearly drag me into the ocean. Battled for a while and when it was close to the edge of the rocks, It just went under it cutting my braided line and took my lure with it.............. :ranting2: There goes my $20........

I am still wondering how big/heavy it would have been as I was using 20lb braid + 40lb lead.

This is my second time using a lure (Used baits mostly) and it would be great if anyone can give me some advice on using lures.

I was using Duplex 800m 31g today and just bought Xrap SXR-12 22g. What would be the suitable lure weight or lures for my set up? I mainly target tailor, bonito, salmon and king fish.

Any tip would be much appreciated.

Cheers :thumbup:

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I highly recommend you try squid skirts or octopus bait. It is one of the cheapest and very effective lure for bonito salmon kingfish. Below is a guide on how to rig and what you need.

1. Squid skirt or octopus bait. You can buy it from any good tackle shop for less $10 a pack.

2. A small bean sinker or bead. Just big enough for the skirt.

3. 2/0 to 4/0 hook. Mustad is the one i use.

4. Large float

5. Ball sinker. No. 5 and over for more casting distance

6. 20lb to 30lb trace. At least 3meters. Mono will do the job. Same with the mainline.

7. Barrel swivel. Size based on your trace and mainline.

How to rig

1. Cut a hole on the skirt so you can insert your trace

2. Once you insert the trace to the skirt, put the bean sinker or bead

3. Tie your hook at the end after the bead or sinker

4. Tie the other end of the trace to the swivel

5. Insert your mainline to the float then followed by the sinker

6. Use a float stopper or stopper knot to your mainline for the float

7. Tie your trace with the skirt to the mainline

8. Now you are ready to catch your favorite pelagic species

Hope this helps and hope you can catch heaps. Regards

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