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camden bass


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hit my favourite spot yesterday around 6pm with my new favourite lure attached ready to strike..........

fourth cast of the day and whammo a nice 32cm to start the day@!!!!

10 minutes later a nice chunky 34cm smacked my lure, i nearly lost her in the sticks, but remember past mistakes managed to stop her. Unfortunately after that I picked up 4 more but they only got smaller. They included two 30cm & two 25cm but it was a great session!!!! I lost two around the 30cm plus mark in that period as well but was happy with my arvo... also added is a couple of pics of my bros best fish so far, it is his first season & yes people we have another bass addict!!!!!!!!!!!!!

post-12031-074116400 1295566176_thumb.jpg

post-12031-008135100 1295566179_thumb.jpg

post-12031-000061700 1295566182_thumb.jpg

post-12031-034547000 1295566184_thumb.jpg

post-12031-056409200 1295566185_thumb.jpg

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I live near the nepean river this is where i learnt to fish.

Theres nothing like a surface strike that gets the heart pumping.

especially when you see the wake behind the lure.

That is my favourite type of lure fishing.

well done


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Awesome catch mate. Always wondered if they were in that system.

I fish the upper reaches regularly and it is full of bass up as far as Maldon Weir. I had a two hour session, just prior to dusk, not so long ago off the bank bringing in 8 bass, on Auspin lures with purple skirts but regularly catch 3 or 4 in a session nearly always b/w 30-40 cm. The Nepean goes off especially from a canoe or kayak.

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