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Sydney kingfish


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This morning was my first opportunity to try the downrigger.

Step 1 Collect bait Check (only 1 squid)Left burley at home. :ranting2:

step 2 find fish Check

step 3 rig bait check

at this point Im think'n what is so hard about this.

step 4 set downrigger Then it hits me.

When I try to set the bomb down. keeps unclipping.

step 5 Free spool the reel dumb dumb :wacko: . check

step 6 Sounder shows bomb deployd check.

step 7 Troll over fish check

step 8 Holy crap rod has gone off :1yikes:

step 9 pull rod out of holder Holy crap not as easy as I thought.

step 10 Fight fish. Holy crap didnt lift bomb.

step 11 too late line wrapped around wire (ping)

FISH GONE. got to see colour though

There is always next time.


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Good ya mate - always good getting that first hit. It won't take long until you have worked out. As soon as you have got fish under control get that bomb up asap.

If you think one is fun, wait until you are fishing solo and have 2 downriggers down at once and they both go off at the same time with solid fish on... Then it gets really interesting.

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Guest Aussie007

u done nothing wrong mate leave the engine in gear moving forward let the kingy hook it self as the boat is moving forward dragging the kingy a long u can wind up the downrigger than reel in your fish as the boat is moving forward it will keep enough pressure on the fish to keep it hooked it only take a few seconds to wind up the downrigger :thumbup: also if u hook the fish point your boat to deeper water ive found the kingys dont like this so the kingy will put more pressure on the hook to keep it set as it will try to return to the school

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