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Surface Breaming Video


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Well it's been a while since I've posted anything... Been too busy fishing!

Below is a link to some video from a memorable surface session on Sydney Harbour from earlier this season.

Between the 2 boats, we landed 3 fish over a kilo, and weighed close to 8 kg of bream in a 3 hour session!

post-1674-050863400 1295784628_thumb.jpg

hope you enjoy!

Cheers, Greg

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Great video clips man.

Noticed the use of the interline rods - good investment? Am unsure whether to take the plunge - does it make a big difference to your fishing?


pmak - Have sent you PM, but very happy with interline. Very accurate, sensitive and no guides means no tangles and tip wrap.


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i thought u can't eat fish from the harbour?

that water quality is awesome for bream

great videos, keep em coming!!

I personally don't eat fish caught in the Harbour. All these fish were released.


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