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dollie of sydney


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G,day fellow raiders long time no post but i think this one is worthy.My mats jeff rang me up on wedensday and said lets go marlin fishing of sydney as the water was a lovely 24.4 degress,so come 3:30 am on saturday we met up at his mate keirans house.Which had a kick ass boat with all goodies on it.Set from botany bay around 5:00 am, tried to get some bonito on the way to the first fad without any luck.So the captain decided to put out the outriggers with skirts on,mean while jeff and i had a line each with a couple of 4m diving lures(not sure what type).Trolled towards 12 mile reef when all of a sudden i see a dollie break the surface launching out of the water and my rod starts screaming,I picked it up and it was on 15 minutes later i had this beauty on board.

Trolled around for a bit longer till the wind picked up and started to head for shore.Picked up 6 skipjacks on the way back to the ramp.

The dollie went a meter thirty five and weighed 9 kg.

Thanks to Jeff and Keiran for the top day.

post-10416-047728300 1296959030_thumb.jpg

post-10416-028465400 1296959127_thumb.jpg

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Great catch there...they are certainly around at the moment, we were 5km off Cape Banks at the 70m line trolling a Rapala XRap deep diver 15 and hooked up to a solid Mahi...unfortunately lost him at the boat but we had a great look at him (big bull around the 120cm mark)...never seen a dollie that big before :1yikes: beautiful green/blue, magnificent



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