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Dark luring


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As a weekend warrior, I look forward to my fishing time when it rolls in at the end of the week. Most times, the anticipation ruins my sleep the night before a session (I know, I've got a fishing problem). I used to toss and turn and bide my time until I was ready to make the trip out to coincide with first light.

Lately, instead of staying in bed staring at the ceiling, I decided to head out early anyway. I've never fished in the dark before and have a small tinny but I've become familiar with Kurnell enough to know where everything was so all I needed to do was look out for other boats.

I figured in the dark, SPs would be at a disadvantage but tried anyway. No results. Hard bodies would be better - at least they made noise so fish could home in on the source of the commotion. Throwing the darn things in the dark however was no good as it was difficult to see where the cast landed and I could'nt see the line well to check if I had loops on the reel or was wrapped around a guide.

Trolling was the solution!! So off I went with my electric in the dark with my navigation lights on over the Kurnell weed beds. I had an Atomic Hardz Crank on one rod and an SX-40 on the other. Results have been good actually with good sized bream caught - always on the Hardz Crank. Have tried the Hardz Crank against the new Berkley Fat Dog but no results on the Fat Dog yet. Caught this 2 weeks back.

post-3388-015238200 1299919297_thumb.jpg

This was caught this morning.

post-3388-003488300 1299920014_thumb.jpg

Have not been able to replicate the success during the day! Gulps and Squidgy Pro wrigglers come to their own when the sun is up but the fish are harder to find. Have also been a bit distracted with crabbing to focus on luring. Today's crabbing was the best so far!

post-3388-064899600 1299919888_thumb.jpg

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