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Water trapped in V berth bulkhead

Tim Mc

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Hi all, a mate and i recently purchased a 21 foot seafarer.

We discovered water trapped in the front bulkhead of the V berth.

Drilled a 150mm hole in top of bulkhead and mopped water up, bout

two schooners worth.

Filled up anchor well and discovered the water was leaking into the

bulkhead via the eyebolt for the trailer hitch,resealed all good.

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tim could you post up a pic off were you drilled the 150 hole being in the bulk head it could be a structual weak point and could need compencating plates to re enforce the area

not trying to be a smart ass but i would hate to see the area crack or fail

cheers gary

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nah mate all good, holes in top under the v cushion for the v berth.

gonna put one of those inspection hatches there, easy to check it doesnt happen again.

drilled the hole to fit the hatch.

all solid glass inside hole, no exposed ply.

sweet as thank f@*#.

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