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Berowra Ck Saturday 19th


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Went out for a fish at Berowra Ck yesterday with no result. Thought it was going to be a good out fishwise, but turned into a bad day before I'd left my car port!

It was pouring rain so I went to put my clears on the boat, but couldn't find them.

After searching everywhere I realised they had been stolen - my fault, I shouldn't have left them in the boat in my car port.

$400 worth of plastic stolen, geez I was cranky. Does anybody know where I can get them replaced in the Hornsby area???

To top it all off, we got wet and no fish!

Beware everybody, keep your boating gear locked up!

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This is one issue im gonna have to work out before i get my boat, I got no where to put it other then in the drive way out the front.

Might have to built a cage around it with barbed wire over the top and 1million volts running through wire...oooh yeah try and take it now baby !

Bad luck on the clears bud, can you jus get them made at a perspex manufacturer?

Lowlife scum, but there always gonna be around, nothing much we can do except for keep everything locked away.

Hope the fishing is better next time bud !!

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