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Botany bay Sunday 27.03.2011


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My dear friends, extinguished guests, Raiders and gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to announce that there are still plenty of bream'n'whiting in the bay, notwithstanding the fact that I endured the most trying of conditions.

Do you mean the constant rain?

Was it the 15knot southerlies for most of the day?

Perhaps the cold/hot/cold/hot temperature fluctualtions?


I can handle that stuff.

It was the fact that I actually fished with ANOTHER PERSON !

The constant stimulating conversation, exchange of fishing theories and ideas and the jovial atmosphere set on my deck was too much for me to endure!

The fact that he was a chronic rod-grabber was something I had to just grin and bear whenever a double hook-up occurred or when I had to answer the phone (to tell my wife that I'll get home when I'm good'n'ready) was my mate's opportunity to strike my rod for me or pull in my fish !

I'm used to arguing with my shadow, the rods themselves, the anchor, the wind, waves and kamikazee sea captains.

Having another human being on the deck was like standing too close to someone in the men's...

Just kidding.

It was really nice to have someone with me - something that I have truly fogotten how to do.

All my life (up until 10 years ago) I fished with my brother and the odd other companion but since my brother and I got married,

(not to eachother, but to our respective wives) we could not co-ordinate a fishing trip if our lives depended on it.

So I fished alone since then.

The fishing day started at 4:00am when I checked the anemometer readings on seabreeze - 16kn with gusts to 21kn SSW.

Too many knots for me at such an early hour, so I SMS'd my mate to tell him.

Due to technological failure (or gross inenptitude on my part at 4:00am) I never got his SMS response.

We both fell asleep but decided at 9:30 that we should meet at the boat ramp at 10:30....to go fishing (not for an extramarital fling or anything).

At that stage the wind had backed off to 13kn S and it was dry so we went off into the wild blue yonder.

We picked a nice spot on silver beach to anchor out of the wind at about 11:00am.

Not many other boats around, water was murky as the tide slowly rose.

There were some small patches of oil on the surface (about the size of cigarette packets) that we saw, probably as a result of the oil spill last weekend from Kurnell, but to my untrained eye there was no visible impact.

We were getting some fish and I actually lost 2 nice fish as they found some hard stuff to cut my trace on. I was surprised that there was any rock there at all...

It's probably that structure that keeps the fish there in the first place.

There were a couple of rod grabbing incidents within the fist half hour.

It's weird you know - some people feel like they have been seksually harrassed if they're on the recieving end of such behaviour.

Me, well I decided I was going to remain undeterred.

First spot yielded about 10 bream, a trevally and a nice whiting before it went a bit quiet.

Actually it went noisy - the noise was coming from my mate to change spots.

He said he wanted some depth...

I thought he was talking about our conversation and I was just about to get philosophical, but he meant the water.

So we went to another more exposed spot and he looked at me and said something about hell-on-earth.

I assume the spot was too rough for him, otherwise he was commenting about my looks and his proximity to them.

So we tucked ourselves near captain cook's landing spot, out of the breeze.

We caught a couple of fish here - nice place but not a lot around.

My mate liked this spot because he caught a fish there once and it was calm today so we stayed a bit.

Once again there was one rod-grabbing incident....

He just can't help himself - if a rod gets a bite and the baitrunner screams, he lunges out and strikes, then realises he has to disengage the baitrunner...

Funny stuff.

He even took a phone call then HIS rod went off, but I didn't stoop to his level to grab HIS rod...instead, he handled it alone. One hand was on the phone, one on the rod, and how he turned the reel remains a mystery to this day !

Then the wind dropped off.

My turn to make some noise and we moved back into the bay proper.

The wind had dropped off to around 10Kn S so it was OK.

I deployed some chook baits but to my surprise they failed.

Once again there was more rod grabbing as we had some doubles.

I decided that when I get home, I'm gonna look up Rodgrabbers anonymous and enrol him.

Again this spot yielded another 10 bream, couple of whiting and trevally before he spotted a huge rain squall at about 5:00pm.

He insisted we try and outrun it - but I reminded him we were in a boat and only one person I know can run on water....

Lines in, hammer down and home we go....

I didn't get a chance to photograph the whiting and trevally because when we got to the ramp to outrun the squall, he kept running !


post-3021-015649300 1301396826_thumb.jpg

post-3021-084558900 1301396842_thumb.jpg

post-3021-089640200 1301396862_thumb.jpg

post-3021-005249300 1301396887_thumb.jpg

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How annoying!!! who is this bloke you took with you, fancy grabbing your rod, your fish, I would have gave a little nudge when he wasnt looking and hide the life jackets :074:

on a serious note, well done, they are nice looking bream.

care to reply to this thread JIM :tease:

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haha great report!

My best mate and regular fishing companion and I have come to an unspoken agreement to leave each others rods alone!

errrrrrrrr that really didn't come out right... I meant we have agreed to lose our own fish to save arguments... Our conversations are usually punctuated by "watch ya rod" when we notice each other getting bites.

I also know what you mean about moving spots. I like a bit of water under my boat but he seems to have no faith its seaworthiness cause he likes to have a nice big rock close by to jump on if it sinks.

Anyway, fishing companions are like wives, it takes a bit of compromise and mutual sufferance to make it work :)

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Hi Tony just read it again and laughed my head off so funny you no you just don't handle or even touch someones rod it can end a friendship right there with some people i get very cranky when someone touches my rod any way i wouldn't be calling him again with the chicken you say no luck very strange its works wonders for me 3 outings hasn't failed your not cutting up a chicken souvlaki are you i think not but just checking any way good catch and funny post .cheers Jim bream

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Hey guys,

The purpose of my reports are to entertain us as well as to inform.

There is always a little embellishment to the story so as to make it just that little bit more entertaining but that's what we like.

Answering some questions:


Yes some decent bream there but only one elbow slapper from your spot.

I expected the chook to work there but it didn't. I fished it on the bottom on a light sinker but it either remained unmolested or it disappeared into the bermuda triangle.


No not cutting up like souvlakia, nor am I using the chook alive.

My experience with chook working well is always in the low-light hours. It rarely works for me during the daylight hours.

The rod grabber is the nicest of people and he is more than welcome to fish with me again.

He may not want to after he reads this though....

In any case, I'm sure I can eventually break that habit - I'll have to invent a fingerprint recognition system for the reel handle so if he grabs my rod - the reel handle will lock tight !


Yes I did mean distinguished but I like to play with words if the outcome of changing one letter (or the overall spelling) will make it funny.

Sometimes you gotta read carefully to see what the hell I've written.

So lets get out there again and get rained on....looks like it for this coming weekend as well....


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