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My First Marlin


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Went out with some experienced game fishos in a tournament on saturday. We trolled along the shelf all day and about 4 hours in I was on to a mid sized striped marlin (my first :yahoo: !!)

The fight lasted about 40mins and apparently included a big jump at the start (which I missed because I was so focussed on getting my harness fixed up).

The fish was estimated at about 2m in length but was tagged an released fairly quickly after a few pics so cant be too sure on the exact measurements.

All in all was a great day out and learnt a lot of tips that I'm sure will improve my fishing. (I won't name names as they're not raider members as far as I know).

post-5126-025505200 1302502515_thumb.jpg

post-5126-044924600 1302502526_thumb.jpg

post-5126-028270800 1302502538_thumb.jpg

post-5126-075679800 1302502547_thumb.jpg

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Cheers Gary,

Yeah its great fishing at the moment. A lot more fish were landed that I was expecting. A couple of yellow fin came in as well, along with a mako and tiger.

My next challenge is having one landed on my boat sometime.

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Great catch greg! :thumbup:

Im still tryin to chase my first marlin ever!! Can i ask what lure and colour did the beast take??

It took a medium/large sized green lumo mate but I know of others that hooked up on other colours within a couple of miles of us.

A deckie on our boat got a very nice blue the day before with a completely different colour in the same spot so It seems a variety in the spread is the key but I'm sure more experienced raiders can comment on lure selection more accurately for you.

Good luck!

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