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pre work fish 14.04.11


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Woke up about an hour earlier than usual so decided to get into work early for some browny points. But as I got to the office I thought stuff it, I'll have a quick flick for bream down at northbridge.

So I drove down to the local park and put on a small popper and had a few casts, for a few half hearted hits but no hookup. Then I saw a school of around 10 kingfish around 70cm each swim past about 5 metres away, and I freaked out. They had a glance at my popper but just swam away. Then I thought to myself that it was probably good that I didn't hook up to one of those kingfish on my light 2kg rod with 4lb fireline.

I hadn't got any hits on the popper so I put on a squidgy blood worm wriggler and put in a cast towards a few small prawns busting up on the surface. I had a small hit and thought great a bream, then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I thought this is a big bream!!!. then more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I was down to my backing without even getting the chance to turn the reel once. It then slowed so I got some line back and then more zzzzzzzz.. I thought, maybe a jewy, as there were a few bumps. About 10minutes had passed, without getting much line back, I was running up and down the park, but was thinking that there was no way that I was going to land this thing as I was about 4 metres from the water on a sandstone retaining wall.

As the fish tired, I caught a glimpse of it. It was a kingy, was hoping for a jew.

I knew during the fight that the guys at work weren't going to believe me about the fish that got away so I took out my phone and caught about a minute of the fight on my phone. It was funny as there were now several people walking their dog behind me asking what kind if fish it was. And me filming the fight on my mobile with one hand and winding with the other.

After about 15 minutes the beast tired and I washed it up on the rocks at the base of the retaining wall. I climbed down the wall and brought it back up the wall to a round of applause from the people with their dogs. I took a few snaps and measured off my rod for approx 72cm. I was goind to let it go but it was almost dead and it was bleeding badly.

So I grabbed a few plastic bags and put it in the car. Not a bad effort I might add on a light bream stick.

I still had a few more minutes to go before work so I had a few more casts for 3 more flatties about 40-50cm, but they couldn't live up to the kingfish.

so now I'm back at work with the guys and the boss wanting to go fishing tomorrow morning.

post-3319-097828000 1302735434_thumb.jpg

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Hey autocad,

what a place we live and work in eh?

A place where we can have a flick before work and still be in the good books.

All you have to do now is convince your boss that this activity must become a daily ritual between you two...

That way, we can guarantee you a payrise every year - because that's what 'fishing buddies' do....

well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it....

Crikey, imagine if you worked on a ferry...the captain will be expecting you to extend the walkway from the boat to the wharf, just as the rod takes a hit from a nice bonnie.

You'll be fighting it while people are falling off the half-extended walkway !

We know our priorities...get that fish in !


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I haven't done the pre work fish for a while but something felt right today. I guess my hunch was right to head down to the park. I think I'll be doing a few more before it gets any colder. The great thing is that I only spent about 40 minutes fishing!! as was at work earlier than usual. :thumbup:

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Outstanding report Auto and sounds like an even bigger effort to entertain not only a crowd at the park bit the boys at work too haha :thumbup:

Will be a morning to remember, what makes fishing such glorious time well spent.


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