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Windy..Wild and Wet Thompson Creek Dam


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Its been a while since Dan(Outdoordan) and I have fished together with his new work commitments but after a text asking if I would like to go too Thommos with him ,I couldnt say no !

The alarm went off at 2.30 am and Dan arrived just before 3 am for our journey up the mountains to Lithgow.

The drive up was pretty ordinary with heavy fog and rain most of the way but the trusty Pajero with its new coopers tyres on in 4wd handled the trip up without incident.

A quick stop at Lithgow 24hr Maccas for coffee and egg and bacon Mcmuffins and we were off with full bellies and high expectations.

We arrived at the dam around 6 am and armed with light spin sticks and an absolute arsenal of lures as this dam is lure and flyfishing only.

I started off with the ever faithful PINK TASSIE DEVIL and was rewarded on my 3rd cast with a little female rainbow,good start.

Three or four casts later I get onto a much better fish in the mid 40s and I ask Dan to grab my camera for a quick pic before release and the battery was flat :ranting2: so I apologise for the grainy pics in advance as they were taken on my old nokia phone.

post-256-025092900 1302941678_thumb.jpg

I scored another hit a bit further along the bank and I could see Dan was itching to open his account.

post-256-047712300 1302941683_thumb.jpg

post-256-017824300 1302941688_thumb.jpg

I had scored a few new green celtas which were a bit heavier than the original models and they indeed did the trick with Dan scoring almost straight away with a nice little hen rainbow.

Almost like clockwork the fish switched on to our new offerings with plenty of hits and some nice fish landed including a double hook up on trout which has never happened to me whilst trout fishing :yahoo: they were on.

We had just released our two fish when I glanced up and saw a good fish explode on the surface and Dan was on !!!!! and this fish was a good one as well.Dan called out that it was indeed a nice female brown trout and it was giving a great account of itself so I ran over to help him land his prize,I entered the cool water with my shoes on and they filled staight up with water but it was worth it as just as I grabbed his NEW PB Brown Trout the hooks fell out and I scooped her onto the bank :biggrin2: another quick pic or two and high fives all round and off she swam to enjoy her life once more in the cool waters of the dam.

post-256-022700200 1302941693_thumb.jpg

post-256-082497900 1302941699_thumb.jpg

Whilst all this was going on it was pissing down and blowing more than 30knots and it stayed like it all morning.We landed 9 nice fish all released and dropped another 6 or so.We made the decision to bugger off earlier than anticapated as we had no more to prove and we were cold wet and tired and the lures kept getting blown back over our shoulders when casting :1yikes:

The drive home was pretty good with not much traffic and we arrived around 3pm on the doorstep.

Thanks for the invite Dan and congrats on your new PB Brown Trout.

Cheers Stewy

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That's a terrific session in pretty appalling weather fellas. Congrats on the new PB Dan. Celta's and Tassie Devil lures are older than me, yet they're still accounting for fish today. :1yikes: Great report as always Stewy



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Congatulations fellas, thats a great mornings effort, well done!!! :thumbup::thumbup: Those fish look bloody beautiful :1yikes: .

Now I'm even more disappointed that I couldn't come along for the trip :( but I can't wait to get up there and have a crack at 'em myself.



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Well done on some NICE trout!!! (Even better when smoked!) They look in good condition, too.

OMG! It was cold enough up here, let alone in the mountains!!! Wet up here today, so no yakking! 1badmood.gif HOpe it clears up for tomorrow, or Michelle goes back to Lemontree Passge with only the one outing in the yak!05.gif



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Spot on Stewy, the nastier the conditions the better TCD fishes. Pain the butt really :1prop:

Great session with some top fish, all though I am going to have that serious discussion with you about Pink Tassies :1prop:

Levels look up a fair bit too, Delta reporting it at 57% but it looks higher from you photos.

Gotta book in that Pejar trip Stewy :thumbup:


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