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Decent hour in bad weather


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Hi Raiders,

I called a friend to come fishing on Saturday. He was pretty reluctant due to the weather. Windy, cold and raining :1badmood: He told me he would reconsider at 2pm. Surprisingly to me, he agreed to come even though the weather had not improved.

The spot that I fish is a little sand flat near Clifton Gardens. Its pretty small and difficult to explain but it seems to always hold flatties around the 35-45cm mark (with my best being 62cms). I really talked this spot up to my mate, and I think he thought I was blowing steam. He will say he wasnt skeptical, but I knew he was.

I really love the SPs for flatties and find that this spot is a great spot to have a bit of a hunt for them. Especially when all you catch is what your targeting. As we fished the weather got worse and worse, so we only got an hour in. However we caught 3 decent flatties two were 37cms and one was 39cms.

I really love this spot, because I have found it reliable in the past, and I find that the setup I have used have been pretty successful. I usually got for a 1/4 or 1/8 sized jigb with an unscented grub style plastic (high movement in the tails). Generally greens and reds work best. I found greater success with a moderate to fast retrieve keeping the jig pretty low to the sand.

I dont know what it is, but there is such a great satisfcation catching fish on plastics. My mate was lucky, and took these three home for the family. He did catch 2 of them afterall :1prop: (Being outfished in my own spot :074: )

Its always good when you recommend a place to someone and it turns out well. Nothing worse that looking like a idiot with the "they are usually here" talk.

Not bad for an hour I guess.

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great work mate... i just started fishing with soft plastics myself off the beach at brighton and have had some success with the flatties.... it is great to catch the fish you are specifically targeting.

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