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Hi everyone,

On Monday I had a couple of hours spare up my sleeve so I decided to go see if I could

catch myself some squid. My boy was at home due to the school holidays. He asked if he could tag along and collect some shells off the rocks. I agreed, he came along and after

awhile he just sat on a rock watching me with great interest. I ended up with 3 good size squid and we went home.

Today he says to me "Lets go squiding, but this time Im taking my rod and Im gona squid with you, I watched you on Monday and know what to do".

I agreed but was a little worried that he may end up losing me a few jigs today. :(

I found an old cheapy jig and tied it on for him, we were at Bare Island at Laperouse.

After about half an hour I have 3 squid under my belt, I look over at him trying his hardest to copy my actions and get himself his first squid, I was starting to feel a

little guilty bcoz I had given him an old crappy jig and he would most likely go home empty handed. Dad dad Im on he yells. Just another piece of kelp I tell him, then I see it and its trying to ink him. He lifts it out of the water and on to dry land, a good size squid and a bigger smile on his face I have never seen. I gave him a pat on the back and told him how proud I was of him. After a few quick snaps we continue on squiding for a few moments when I hear my sons voice again, dad dad Im on again. This time I dont doubt him and look on as he lands another smaller specimen. After a few more pics and a couple more squid we call it a day. All the way home in the car hes telling me how he watched me on Monday and just copied my actions. His brother at home wasnt to pleased that he missed out.

Tomorrow we are cooking the Calamari for lunch :thumbup:

heres some pics


Mondays squid

post-1664-084544300 1303294249_thumb.jpg

My 1st squid today

post-1664-076983800 1303294286_thumb.jpg

My sons 1st

post-1664-045157300 1303294304_thumb.jpg

Then his 2nd

post-1664-035986700 1303294323_thumb.jpg

Our tally of 7 squid today

post-1664-032853500 1303294357_thumb.jpg

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Hey Penguin,

Nice bunch of squiddies.

In the second photo, I know exactly where that is.

My mate fishes that spot for squid (has been so for 20+ years) and reckons there aren't any there anymore.

Your son proved my mate wrong with that photo.

He is also giving you the "two finger salute" with his left hand !


Well obviously because you gave him a crappy jig so he thought he would outfish you just to prove a point... :biggrin2:

Good on him - on his next birthday, you know what your gonna get him eh?

Buncha yamashita's of course !

Now you'll also have to quell the older brother bcos he missed out on the good squidding action...

Looks like TWO bunches of yamashita's !

And dedicated boat squidding trips....

And dedicated land squidding trips....




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