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Where to get yakkas around terrigal


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Hi raiders,

Just wondering if anyone knows where to get SMALL yakkas close to Terrigal boat ramp, I usually fish for them around the marker in the bay but their always way too big (30cm+). Anyone whos got them recently could you please help me out.

Cheers, Prawn Star

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I usually pick some up inside the boat bay near the ramp, before going out. Not sure what size/location they are like at the moment as I have not been down for a while. From memory they are not always small but up to 30cm as you say. Use mashed pilchard for berley if shy, though bread usually works OK.

Watch out for the divers/snorkellers down there, I have nearly hooked them or worse start your motor/drive over one, they are not always too smart about where they go and the hazards of snorkle area adjacent to busy ramp.

Good luck and let us know how you go.

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thanks guys, I will have to try avoca next time, went out today but the yakkas in the bay were still monsters, tried around the skillion aswell and found a massive school of ??? on the sounder but couldn't get any of them on the sabaki.

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