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Webster twinfisher


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Hi guys,

I am only new to this so please have some patience.

I am looking at some second hand webster twinfisher's, just wondering if anyone on here ownes one or has been out on one.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Dave ,

Good stable boat , will do the characteristics of digging in when traveling with a big sea or swell as sharkcats do., what size boat you looking at and what type of fishing ? Built solid :biggrin2: .

Cheers Dogtooth..... :1fishing1: John..... :beersmile:

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Thanks for the reply John.

Im interested in the 5.0-5.2 Metre (90-115hp motor) to do abit of trolling, sport and game fishing and even abit of hawkesbury river.

Its good to know there built tough and are stable.

What size boat and motor do you think is best suited to this type of use?

Cheers Dave

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G'day Davo,

I owned a 5.2 Webster Twinfisher for about 6 years and only sold it last year. I looked at upgrading to the new 5.7 metre version about the time that Websters went into recievership, so I got stuffed around. I found the 5.2 to be a very stable boat with plenty of fishing room, it was powered by a 115 Yammaha 2 stroke and performed very well, they really hold their value so they wont be cheap.

Good luck with your purchase,



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Hi Davo1 :1welcomeani: to Fishraider :thumbup: I have had quite a few sessions in a 4.9 Webster Twinfisher owned by one of our older members "Geoff". Geoff did heaps of research before finishing up with his Webster 4.9 and I must say Geoff's boat has everything you'd wish for in a boat and does it all so well and is one of the most stable boats I have ever had the pleasure of fishing from whether it be anchoring out wide or motoring thru a good size swell between Flint & steel and West Head. I have spoken to Geoff today about your inquiry and you can rest assured that Geoff will pick up on this thread and be in a position to give you as much information as you would ever want to know about Webster Twin Fishers when he returns home sometime next week.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Dave I'm home earlier than expected so can respond sooner than indicated by Jewgaffer.

I've had my fair share of boats over the years. I purchased my 4.9 Twinfisher in late 2003 & it's unlikley I will buy another boat as I am yet to see another Alum boat in this size range that gets close to the Webster package when considering ride , handling , stability , fishing space , launch / retreive & towing.

I could go on & on but this summerises all the main aspects. Adding a few more accessories like a burley bucket , deck wash , GPS etc takes it from a good fishing boat the a great boat.

Let me know if there are other specific aspects you would like to know about.

In respect to the motor the 90 or 115 would be OK on a 5.2. Unless you planning long off shore trips the 4.6 / 4.9 (same boat) would be OK & there are a lot more to choose from on the second hand market.

There were some design changes in early 2003 , the easiest way to identify these , the 300mm sponsoon extensions were added & the decals changed from pale Blue to Burgundy.

Design has been basically unchanged from mid 2003 to 2009 so if looking for second hand , stay in that year range.

There was a comment in an earlier post regarding financial problems. That was resolved late last year & all is now OK

Will add a few pic's later this afternoon

post-731-043344200 1304219539_thumb.jpg

This one indicates the stability , the 3 people on one side , around 250kg & virtually no lean

post-731-085584300 1304219740_thumb.jpg


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Hi Davo,your very question reminds me very much of my own a couple of months back,which youll be able to find on fishraider as well. I to like yourself had many questions,although i bought first without being on one and then test rode later after i purchased,big risk but i had attitude if i not satisfied il resell.. Well i am very pleased to say i will NOT be reselling.. Couldnt be happier with this outfit. I bought the 5.2 with 115 Yammy four stroke,one owner with 300hrs.. Geoff who has responded to your post is a wealth of knowledge so keep in touch with him regarding any concerns you may have as he def helped me. I live in Narooma with a bar to cross which is not for everybody but this boat has me ticking all boxes. I noted my very first run up Nelligan in silk smooth water was a real disapointment but give this boat chop and rough water and it really comes to life. The 115 has more than enough grunt which was a concern at first until ive had it out in blue water and bar to cross,does it with ease. All in all :thumbup: from me. Good luck buddy..

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