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O sama . Goooooorn


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If ya didnt hear it yet..

Yes the yanks finally did it...

O sama b ladin ..the face of terrorism and the catalyst to the way the whole world has changed since 911...

Hopefully this wont bring about retaliation by his crazy followers..

I feel all major targets will get massive security increses..

I still dont see how it took this long with all they had at there disposal to get him..

Many black bag ops failed till now that is.. Woooohoooo

Great way to start the week...

May this be one step closer to peace...

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Yes, the world has been a totally different place to live in since 911 in particular - a whole lot less trusting of each other, unfortunately.

....Wonder if they got a photo with him and a pair of pliers, scissors or cutters??.... The Aussie sense of humour shines thru tho!! 074.gif


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3. No detrimental posts about any other websites, businesses (on or offline) or persons

We all have our opinions and I don't think this forum is a topic for this.

Yes it's happened and I'm sure there are some that think otherwise or may think others should join him but we'll leave it at that.

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