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Lake Conjola

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During a extended easter break down at Lake Conjola i managed to catch this nice 86 cm flatty on a 6" hard body lure. I also caught a 66 cm one, both were released in perfect condition. Over the week fishing was a little slow, the enterance is open again but there is no tidal movement, the water is very slowly trickling out due to the amount of fresh water in there. Its a good feeling to catch such a nice fish, get a quick pic and watch her swim away.

regards Daniel.

post-8402-036125100 1304328136_thumb.jpg

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I bet that's the same fish i scared off shortly after the christening ceremony i had for my new Revo...

I scared it off near the island that's across from the caravan park.

Nice Shovel mate...

I look forward to upping my PB into the 80's soon.

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Mate awesome croc's....I hope you obeyed the 4 knots on the way up to your spot X....any Tailor or Sambo's busting up over the reefy's...they should be showing up soon, oodles of poddies in the front of the system...love your work...

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