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tournament 2000


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Hi Mate,

I have heard nothing but good things about the Tournament boats. Great prices for a very capable offshore rig and set up nicely to suit the family. I recently recieved an email from Family Boats who are a Tournament and Suzuki dealer who are having an on water test day coming up in the next couple of weeks I think. I own a Seafarer with a Suzuki 140hp and Family boats have been great to deal with. Good luck.


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Hi, here is my opinion for what it is worth. They were wanting us to stock and sell their boats a few years ago and I did alot of homework because we would not be buying just one boat, like a consumer would. Long story short I decided against it. They are honest Aussie made glass boats that are not the best but not the worst either and if price is an important factor they were well priced, but saying that, the brand we stock and sell is not that much dearer when comparing apples to apples and are a superior boat in my opinion. My advise is price one up, go for a water test in rough water-not along Parramatta River, and then make your own mind up. If you want the best, PM me with your wish list and you might be pleasantly surprised what you could get a premium Oz made fibreglass brand for.



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Hello Chaps, need to know what you think about this boat , it will be running 1 200hp outboard, all those that have been to browns mountain what is your opinion of it for those sort of trips?

just bought a tournament 1750 cubby cabin with 115hp two stoke.

i love it. i take it everywhere and it handles what ever i throw

at it. :yahoo:

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Hi mate,

I have priced a 2000 blue water as well. The price was good and when compared to the a bar crusher it seems like your getting more bang for your buck. What I like about it is that it is a cross between a fishing boat and a slightly more comfortable cruiser. I really like the lockable front cabin. Whack in the tv DVD package and those nights chasing jewies are looking extremely comfy. Not getting any younger and a bit more luxury goes a long way. For the extra 10k the 2000 looked good. My next boat to explore is the Haines range then make a decision early next year. My only issue is storing a bigger boat so might have to go plate over glass. The 200 Suzuki 4stroke seems a good deal and match. Good luck and I agree with Huey. Water test has gotta be in the ocean on a day where there is some chop etc.


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hello mate...

i have just bought a tournament 2000 and i think there a

top boat for fishing and cruising with the family... i'm always getting

positive comments at the boat ramp.....

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