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Black Magic KL hooks


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Hope to give the1/0 kl circle hook a go on the Whiting this weekend, but are they too small if taken by a Bream or Salmon? As they lock into the side jaw of the fish, will they be too small? What size would you use for Bream or Salmon. All three species may be on offer using Beach worms.( I hope!!! )


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I've caught plenty of bream on what im pretty sure is size 1 or 2 circles...its a bit hard to judge the size.

For whiting i just prefer to use size 6-8 long shanks as i have never pulled in one on a circle...but i have caught plenty of bream with them.

Cheers Leo

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1/0 and above are considered standard for bream / flattys/ salmon.

whiting on the onther hand have a small mouth and would take a 2-4 size hook

considering that your standard circle hook has a wider mouth than a conventional long shank hook, id say a size 1 would be the largest you'd go

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Just my 2 cents worth....

Accidentally bought baiholders instead of long shank hooks which is what I regularly use for whiting, and a nice little suprise I found was that the whiting were getting lip hooked more often than gut hooked with the bait holder rather than with the long shank..

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