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Fuel Filters


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Hi ,

I have a 130 E-tec and I also have a fuel filter for it , after how many hours should I be replacing the filter ? It is up to around 200 hrs now .


Slink. I don't think the motor comes into the equation ,it's more the condition of the fuel , fuel tank water in the fuel etc.

If the handbook does not advise then I would check with Craig at Hewett Marine.

On my Yammie ,the replacement time is every 100 hours


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Hi, as the guys have said, the brand of outboard is not important really and with today fuels and the fact you have an injected engine I would replace the on board filter at least yearly (100 hours) and check every six months when doing your home maitenance like prop off etc. What we see with all clean tech injected engines are more problems with dirty/bad fuel because, unlike carby engines with relatively large fuel jets, an injected engine has very small nozzles that can more easily block and fuel related issues are much more common nowdays than years gone by with all brands.



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We just had the 100 hour/4 month service done on ours and the mechanic found water in the fuel filter. All appears well with the engine, and it may have been just one dodgy batch of fuel or maybe a bit of condensation. Will be keeping a close eye on it.

A water bowl filter is now fitted, filters are cheap in comparison to the potential for damage.

Replace annually or every 100 hours sounds like solid advice



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