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roosterman (42), peahead (40), kingfisher84 (27), high_speed_metal (31)


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:1happybday: Raiders :1happybday: I'd like to wish a big happy birthday to my old mate Stevie Roosterman :thumbup: Steve I hope you have a real nice 42nd Birthday today with Jamie and the boys- Say hello to Jamie for me! It seems only yesterday that Jamie invited me up to the surprise party for your 40th - there'll be no stopping us as to doing those Hawkesbury sessions as soon as they get these hips of mine sorted out that's for sure.

Anyway mate I hope you have a really nice birthday celebration today and it's great news that you and Jamie have a little one on the way to keep the boys company :yahoo: Shirl's excited about it and sends her love and best wishes to the both of you :thumbup:

Cheers mate :beersmile:

Byron :1fishing1:

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Many Happies 1happybday.gif1happybday.gif Steve/Roosterman - hope you got lots of fishy things to play with & a few beersmile.gif to celebrate the day!! biggrin2.gif

....it's great news that you and Jamie have a little one on the way to keep the boys company.... talk about doing your bit for the country!!! thumbup.gif Give my love to jaime & the boys



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thx guys....

:1happybday: to the other raiders also...

i had day off as we had some family stuff to attend to but otherwise a quiet day...

heading off for w/e fishing next week to celebrate another yr down the gurgler with the :wife: blessings ....

spoilt myself up at the crowne plaza hunter last w/e at my mates 40th so i think i did ok this yr..

was great to chat today byron and wil pop down soon when i can get down yr way..

yes Roberta he did let the little pussycat outa the bag :yahoo: ..

no fishing for me come late november as we will be a little busy ..

thx again guys for the good wishes and phone calls..


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