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northern beaches


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hello raiders,

Me and my son took advantage last week before the swell pick up . We were fishing one of my favourite fishing spot at northern beaches.

We left home at 5am and got ther at 6am . Beautiful sunrise ,so i rigged up two fishing rod . One with the gang hook and one with 3 hook sliding

hook . I cast one with the sliding hook in it with the star sinker SHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! wow so far!, I was using 30 pound nylon , snyder glass rod 8w

12 foot then when it the bottom i can feel something nibbling my bait , then i strike . yes i hooked him I wind, wind then this fish jump out of

the water ohh its salmon and then this fish swam to the left ledges and then my son said hey water so i quickly run back and then fish went do

down reef me because of the swell. What the???!!!.... snaggg ,so i cast my other rod with the gang hook . Bang tailor , and then tailor, and then i

again with the big pilchard and nothing for minutes so i left it on the rod holder and made some hot coffee by the time im making my coffee my

son said hey your rod going down so i quickly run and striked .This fish wasnt jumping i wind, i wind , then somehow he turned to the left ohh

men his going to the snaggy section , quick thinking ohh if I dont follow this fish im gonna lose him again , so i went down and lift him up .

Oooh what bony? All up we got salmon, bonito and tailor . Thank you for reading this post . We will be back ther again !!!! Goodnight raiders

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