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6th report on the front page of lure n fly! =)


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Yeah baby report number 6 on the front page of lure n fly :thumbup:

Had lined up an arvo session with Browney1 to take the yaks out for a spin round my house but with the session RichP and I had Monday we thought lets get Browney out and see if we could do it again. With a lazy arvo start we dropped the boat in at Wharf rd round 230. Flew up to spot one in Richards centre console and started flinging out our plastics and ripping them back after they had hit the bottom. The tide had just bottomed out and as the tide started to flood back in the bites started. A couple of little flatties, a bream

post-3563-004395200 1305802575_thumb.jpg

and then a whitting and a pretty good whitting at that!

I think a shoe lace was next, that was epic! :074:

post-3563-071752200 1305802610_thumb.jpg

After that things got a little more serious when we got the targets.

Even almost a double hook up! :thumbup:

6 all up and would you believe it, TWO ALL! :biggrin2:

Couple of pix

post-3563-020131400 1305802757_thumb.jpg

post-3563-097268100 1305802735_thumb.jpg

post-3563-008543300 1305802771_thumb.jpg

post-3563-003979700 1305802831_thumb.jpg

Well done lads, fine match played and bring on a rematch! :yahoo:

Greg L

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Aww, c'mom Greg! That's not fair!!! :1yikes:

To pull that many jew within 5 kms of your backyard is not on! :biggrin2:

Great stuff mate & well done on getting Mike into a couple. :thumbup:

Looks like a top arvo session, but I have to ask. Are you losing your mojo going 2 fish each? :074:

Congrats boys!



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Man I can't wait to hook a big one in the river. These little buggers are hardly pulling drag on our 3000 reels and i'm hanging to really stretch the new Steze Chilli Dog rod!

If anyones looking for a really nice snapper/mid spin rod, do yourself a favor and check out one of these babies! For an off the shelf rod I haven't seen any better for the job. I so want to down size to a bream rod but I know as soon as I do a big girls gunna eat my lure.....

It's been so good of late, the laughs are flowing thick and fast and so are the fish. Was great to fish with Browney once again, forgot about the "interest Browney received" :1yikes: down at the ramp?

Did you sleep ok buddy? :074:

Grant we havent even made it past Gladesville bridge yet with our technique. I recon around the islands out the front of the unit theres a few to. If the baito's get them there this just has to work :biggrin2: Only got a few hours to spare tomorrow and I have to get down to give NEXT some lovin, looking a little dirty after 6 weeks of no use. A little flick is in order to try test the theory out me thinks! :1prop:

Basscatcher you should have seen the fight the shoe lace gave on the pliers, took him ages to unhook the beast, specially with a flapping whitting still connected to the other trebble! :074:



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