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Squid Goooonnne


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Has anyone found that over the weekend, squid have been hard to come by? tried all weekend for nothing. Frome the reports ive been reading, people are still getting them in certain places but couldnt get one in the hacking. Its days like these that you just wished you stayed home.

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i think i have actually heard that before. dont know if its true or not, but have heard that the jackets turn them off, especially when they're in plague proportions.

Good to hear its not only me that was struggling though. thought id forgotten what to do.

Does barometric pressure have anything to do with it? The same as it affects fish?

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I have had a bit of luck with the squid of late, we got 15 in the bay on Friday, my sons

got 3 monsters in the harbour on Monday after school, and I found 7 more in the harbour

on Wednesday morn. Mind you every week isnt always as good. I think they move around

and you just got to find them, and then find the right colour jig to entice them to strike.


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I have found Leather jackets in there hundreds, could it be because Jackets are around it effects squid numbers???

That's a really good question Basil :thumbup: - about 2 years ago there was such a shortage of arrow squid for so long in the Hawkesbury along the trawler run in thru Lion Island that I asked one of the trawler operators about the shortage and he blamed the number of leather jackets in Broken Bay that were literally wiping out the eggs before they had the chance to wash into thru river mouth. If the trawlers blamed leather jackets for the shortage of squid eggs there is no reason why these pirrhanas wouldn't wipe out whole schools of squid of any size.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Last two outings have filled the livebait tank with squid from the harbour. i struggled to ever do this in summer. be persistent there there, had a few massive ones bust us off in shallow water too. pls dont ask spots though.

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