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Hairtail Finally


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Since I can remember my dad has boasted about he and his mates catching the mythical fanged fish that haunts Cowan Creek when he was younger. So for about the last 15 years my dad, brother and I have rugged up, jumped in the tinnie and braved the cold in search of the illusive Hairtail... And for 15 years it was in vain.

So when last week when I read that fellow Raiders were having a bit of luck, I dusted off the wire trace and beanie.

Saturday came around and as soon as I finished work, my brother, cousin and I (Dad's over in USA at the moment) loaded the boat and made the windy trip down to Akuna bay.

Full moon and barely a breath of wind... it had all the haulmarks of a great night.

So we arrived at the spot, burlied up and within 5 mins of the baits going in... tap tap tap... could it be? i waited, then a rush of blood came went straight to my head and I struck... too soon, missed him! i thought it I might have missed my chance.

Not a minute later i look at my cousin and his rod is bent over... So I looked over the side of the boat to see an awesome silver flash reflecting off the anchor light. Just get it on board!!! with a difficult net job, we brought it on.

It was the best feeling ever, and you couldn't wipe the smile from our faces!!! After 15 years, we finally got one, and within just 10 mins of anchoring up too.

From then, the night just got better and better, the fish just stuck around us and at one point were so thick they were taking pillies on the surface one metre from the boat.

We ended up bringing about 30 onboard ranging from about 80cm to 1.3 metres and lost countless at the boat tring to swing them onboard.

It had to be the most satisfying fishing night of my life, but would've been even better if dad was there to see it, but he had to make do with an early morning phone call and a few picture messages.

If anyone else wants to have some cold cold cold fun, I suggest you head to Cowan Creek now!!!


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