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No fishing again I am going nuts...:wacko:

was sanding and varnishing windows and all I could think about was how good the day looked and I shoulda gone fishing then I thought about casting grass flies at the pet rabbit at least it would put a bend in the fly rod....

Any way I have a four day weekend next weekend with RDO and Public Holiday. I intend to try some new areas perhaps the hacking after reading reports.:1fishing1: Unfortunately Saturday night is booked though.



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Yeah I can relate to that Trev

Been over 2 months for me, I had a conference at the Novaltel Woolongong last week and all I could do was gaze out the window and watch the birds work the bait schools and think if I could just get my hands on a baot :wacko:

Well weekend after next is looking pretty godd and then some regular sessions for the next 6 weeks or so after that, so hopefully I'll be posting some reports soon


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Guest Target

Trev, Iain,

take solace in the fact that your not the only ones :( Been looking for a new house for the past 4 weekends and havnt been near having a fish.

We should start up a FA club - either Fishermans Anonymous

"Its been 6 weeks since my last fish"


Well what else does FA stand for


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I'm in the same boat everyweek end something comes up last week end i thought it was a fish for sure but the girl booked glamour photos they put make up on me and every thing :074: still didn't make me look any better :074:

but hopefullu friday i will kill the drought

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