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Chasing YFT 4th to 8th July


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Hi all,

I have a week off as of the 4th of July & keen to give the YFT a go weather permitting.

I have a 6.4 mtr trailcraft all the gear but can only fish midweek & possibly on Sundays due

to kids sports.If anyone would like to tag along you will only need to share fuel costs, help

clean the boat afterward & you can bring your favorite lure or rod if you want to.

When heading out wide I launch at Botany & live at Castle Hill.

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Thanks to those who have sent a pm with there details if you don't receive

a call from me between those dates I will still hang on to your number as

the season is only young.

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Hi mate,

Im keen if you ever need a crew member.

Im light on gear at the moment as its all up in Noosa ready for the swains trip but dont worry i can handle myself on a boat and you will not be rigging me up all day haha.

My name is Craig 0415528054

Good luck on your trips even if im not on board

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The weather is wild out there wouldn't you know it get some time off and it all turns

to crap but as i mentioned in my previous post I will hang on to those who have sent

me there details and see if we can organize something when the wind decides to settle.

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