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Ken's post made me think :wacko: . How long should a line last?

So how often do Raiders change their line?

I use mono mostly. The last line I bought was pioneer Flexline .20mm 3.0kg. This has had about 8 trips out in the salt and two on fresh. So far has performed well.

I also have fireline on my small baitcaster. This has been on for about 8 mnths but only been used about 6 times.



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Iv'e had some fireline on two reels for at least 2 years, and although its fraying, its still seems very strong. Only thing is with the fireline is that occasionally it gets a bit of a birdsnest and there is no way of untangling the line and I have ended up cutting off up to 15 metres or more of line. As for mono, I only use fluro for leaders on my spin rod or fly and change leaders almost each session or at least checking it each time out for any wind knots or fraying.

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Dont know if this make any sense or not, but I find fireline to be very prone to loose winds and tangles when brand new. Almost needs to be 'broken in'. After a couple of sessions it seems fine. I replace line when it looks frayed and worn, not on timeframe cause I dont go out that consistantly, but usually falls between 6 and 12 months.

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I change my Fireline every couple of months, as it gets a LOT of work. using my gear in the racks and tight structure most of the time it gets a bit of a flogging so doesn't take long before fraying and I don't like the idea of a bruiser snapping my fireline and not my leader (it has happened)

If you are also wondering about leaders, I most definatly change my leader every outing. Don't leave it out in the sun too long as it wrecks it, I left about 15 spools in the sun one day by accident and couldn't understand why I was eaily getin busted up by gish that would normally not be an issue, I learnt my lesson quickly


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