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Redfin evening

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Hi there.

Here have been awful weather, rain and wind after rain and wind. Only nice week what we had, i was work practise.

Anyway, this week i fixed boat litte bit, and today evening i was ready for fishing. Lake is complete new for me, and i had now idea where to go fishing (i have nor even map), i know only that stream part. I did drive about 2km, and start fishin, some bites, but get nothing. I did driving couple of places, and try find some good shore for duck hunting season.

Then i turn back, and drive close to bridge, and stream, first cast by soft plastic and fish on, before lure goes bottom, nice ~150g redfin. Strait new cast to same place, and again fish on..feel little bigger, and it was bigger, i did use net, and my biggest lure fishing redfin was on boat..490g :biggrin2: . That same time stream move boat, and i did not find that plase anymore. So i move couple ten meters, and try new place, behind rocks, where stream start sronger. I get 3 80-120g redfin, but i release 2 of them.

So i start engine again, and try find again some duck hunting plase, driving about half hour around. Then i did remember, that we go Saija parents cabin tomorrow, and there is smoking box. So i was little bit shame for that i realese that 2 fishes, and keep only 3, not enough eating for 4 people. I did drive back that same rocks and try is there anybode home, and there was, i get 9 redfin more, and realese couple smaller. Was little difficult fishing because i had possiple make only 2 cast, and then i need drive back, was so strong stream. Oh i did missing Stewys elecktric engine with pedals.

But anyway, was nice evenin, i get something for smoking box, i get my PB lure redfin, and nice experience by softplast fishing. I am sure that if i try something else lure, i did get nothing...softplastic is "rock`n roll".


post-2019-078697400 1341521602_thumb.jpg

post-2019-070922100 1341521619_thumb.jpg

post-2019-024502000 1341521642_thumb.jpg

post-2019-044875100 1341521680_thumb.jpg

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Nice work Jani and its great to see you getting the softies going well.

Maybe its time to get a leccy for the boat and then you will smack em :yahoo:

Love to all ,

Cheers Stewy

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Well done, Jani - they would have smoked up nicely! Stick with the soft plastics ........ so much easier than smelly bait!!

When I fished Hammerfest back in 1977, we only used hooks with a slice of plastic on them - jigging out in the ocean & even THAT caught fish! So it has been around for decades!!

I trust that all is well with you and your family


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