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How to properly fish a gutter


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Went for a morning beach fishing session today, got to beach at 730 and low tide hit at 830.

Fished till 12 pm.

I used pillies on paternoster rig, and blood worms on a general running sinker to swivel and 50 cm fc leader to worm hook size 4 to target bream flathead whiting etc....

I found a very nice formed gutter parallell to the beach and set up.

Had my baits soaked for the whole morning changing every 20 mins or when needed to on both set ups, and stayed in the gutter as it slightly moved south of the beach. Tried fishing the exit of the gutter aswell.

Only landed a number of undersized flathead on running sinker rig, and not a bite on the patternoster rig.

Im no expert at beach fishing, but had my fair share of decent catches.

Funny though, other fishermen around me were not at all close to the gutter and seemed to be fishing quite shallow water with no whitewash in their casting site and were landing a few salmon.

Seemed the salmon were mabe staying away from the gutter. As two fisherman were either side of me well away from the entrance and exit of the gutter.

The gutter was atleast 20 to 30 meters away and looked to be atleast 2 to 3 meters deep.

Have any fishraiders have any tips on how to properly fish there gutters or was i just at the wrong place at the wrong time.



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No expert on the beach but generally i'd prefer a high tide gutter for salmon and tailor

I would fish the high tide preferably but the only time i can spare unfortunatly coincides with the low tide :thumbdown:

Still doesnt explain why the other fisherman were getting the results in shallow water at low tide as opposed to the deeper water i was fishing in the gutter! Damn it!

Well, thats fishing for ya.

Cheers for reply buddy!

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I live on the central coast and do alot of beach fishing ,definately no expert, but once i find a good gutter i will fish around 20-50mtr to the side of gutter.If current is running sth along beach i will be on nth side & vise versa. Thats the way i do it & i go ok. I generally only fish couple of hours either side of high, but any time is a good time to fish, having a line in the water is what its all about.


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I have been hammering salmon of late and I always fish the low tide plateau coming on to high tide.

Has worked well for me compared to going from high to low tide.

I usually aim for the still water...you know how you see the small swell of the wave? just behind that about three meters.. I have found the white wast to be trouble when beach fishing though this is in my experience only.

Time doesn't seem to matter just tide when hunting out salmon.

Hope that helps

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you might have started a bit late mate, ideally you should have rods in the water at first light 630.

its only an hour but that should be the best hour of the morning..:1fishing1:

Gates to thee beach open at 730, i would be there before light but cant really.

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