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Fishbones bags a biggun...


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Just been on the phone with Mike (Fishbones). He has just weighed a bluefin which took 4.5hrs and went 137.5 kg and measured 2.6m to the fork!!! Based on the length/weight chart, for a fleeting moment we thought it may get to 150 or even nudge the national record for 24kg.

I will let Mike tell the rest as soon as he has cleaned up.

Congrats mate, FISH OF A LIFETIME. :thumbup::28:

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Well done,heard some of the chatter on 21 and knew someone was having a lot of fun!

A little bit on the messy side out to and past browns for us in a 6mtr so we started the run back in at 2pm.

Tried a bottom bash also but that was near to impossible so homeward bound we went.

Looking forward to hearing the full report.


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Yes, mike rang me just after 6pm all excited and I went over to the RMYC on Woolooware Rd and had a sticky beak at the beast in the boat. The fish was in the boat and it was HUGE!!!!. I took photos with the Iphone and then Mike said he was not so good at uploading pictures, so I went home and got the SLR and went to his house later on and these are the pics.

Enjoy the pics and well done Fishbones Mike.

post-2393-079629000 1342533998_thumb.jpg post-2393-091400100 1342534026_thumb.jpg post-2393-046271800 1342534057_thumb.jpg

post-2393-047509000 1342534081_thumb.jpg

Regards Kit

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Wow, that's a beast. I hope the freezer is just as big. Well done. I was thinking that the sbt might have retreated by now. That's encouraging if they are still around.



Probably the bath tub with ice

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