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Hairtail Social 2012 Report


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The weather turned out to be just perfect for our Fishraider Hairtail Social weekend. Swordie and I and his brother Steven and sis in law Julie commenced our journey to Brooklyn on Friday morning. We dropped in to see Huey at Huett Marine to collect our boat which had just received its service. All excited we continued on towards the marina to grab our houseboat. Oops we missed the turnoff :ranting2: and waved as we passed Mt White and turned around to come back. It was not meant to be easy as we again sailed past the turnoff :ranting2: and then got pulled over by the Police breath testing unit. Eventually we arrived at the houseboat and loaded all our gear onboard and Reggie the Rabbit and his wife Fiona completed our crew. Off we went into the wild blue yonder.

Brickman had called us to say they had grabbed us a mooring in Waratah Bay - thanks buddy!

We met up with brickman, bergo and little bergo in their houseboat and then spied Yarraone and Mrsyarraone on their houseboat on another mooring.

post-869-002010800 1343127541_thumb.jpg post-869-098086700 1343127550_thumb.jpg

post-869-018034400 1343128260_thumb.jpg post-869-008168500 1343128290_thumb.jpg

Reggie the Rabbit started the ball rolling with a nice Kingy of 65 cms and he later produced a Salmon and some squid

post-869-040662200 1343127530_thumb.jpgpost-869-023408700 1343128078_thumb.jpg

post-869-036348500 1343128306_thumb.jpg post-869-014368800 1343128303_thumb.jpg

The ladies fished and chatted and had a wine or two :biggrin2:

post-869-043242400 1343128299_thumb.jpg post-869-053699200 1343128294_thumb.jpg

post-869-008168500 1343128290_thumb.jpgpost-869-086084200 1343128284_thumb.jpg

post-869-018034400 1343128260_thumb.jpgpost-869-026219300 1343128184_thumb.jpg

Swordie and a few other boats went around the bays for a fish. We noticed a lot of activity and boats screaming past the bay entrance. Yarraone comes back and reports that swordie and his crew were lurking around the boats at the marina and boommmmmm - there was an explosion. Luckily no-one was hurt and they all came back with versions of the event.

post-869-026510700 1343436257_thumb.jpgpost-869-006443600 1343436248_thumb.jpg

post-869-068650900 1343436238_thumb.jpg

Julie (sis in law) was the first on the mothership to catch a hairtail. She deserved the capture as she sat for hours on end waiting. She was rewarded with a hairtail of 140cms and became the first woman on fishraider to catch a hairtail. She caught a leatherjacket, squid and a yellowtail.

post-869-043706700 1343128257_thumb.jpgpost-869-078534800 1343128253_thumb.jpg

adawg followed up with 3 hairtail for the night one was at 145 cms

post-869-076827800 1343128250_thumb.jpgpost-869-016604700 1343128248_thumb.jpg

post-869-098179100 1343128187_thumb.jpgpost-869-026219300 1343128184_thumb.jpg

post-869-042306400 1343128181_thumb.jpgpost-869-095001300 1343128177_thumb.jpg

post-869-069402900 1343128173_thumb.jpgpost-869-001408100 1343128166_thumb.jpg

post-869-003375300 1343128162_thumb.jpgpost-869-034125200 1343128158_thumb.jpg

post-869-096867300 1343128156_thumb.jpgpost-869-089548800 1343128111_thumb.jpg

post-869-069281000 1343128108_thumb.jpg

post-869-062136100 1343128085_thumb.jpgpost-869-020150300 1343128082_thumb.jpg

post-869-023408700 1343128078_thumb.jpgpost-869-005864700 1343128075_thumb.jpg

post-869-040662200 1343127530_thumb.jpgpost-869-087752000 1343127899_thumb.jpg

post-869-000600000 1343127903_thumb.jpgpost-869-035014100 1343127905_thumb.jpg

post-869-073227600 1343127909_thumb.jpgpost-869-006940000 1343127914_thumb.jpg

post-869-067944300 1343127918_thumb.jpgpost-869-028815000 1343127921_thumb.jpg

post-869-081506100 1343127977_thumb.jpgpost-869-048968200 1343127981_thumb.jpg

post-869-091953200 1343127984_thumb.jpgpost-869-040752800 1343127988_thumb.jpg

post-869-039577700 1343127991_thumb.jpgpost-869-037484600 1343127994_thumb.jpg

post-869-035645000 1343127997_thumb.jpgpost-869-099067100 1343127999_thumb.jpg

post-869-072361800 1343128002_thumb.jpgpost-869-022052300 1343128007_thumb.jpg

post-869-083634500 1343128061_thumb.jpgpost-869-042446200 1343128066_thumb.jpg

post-869-033854300 1343128071_thumb.jpg

Sunday morning plenty of raiders came for breakfast and the presentation of prizes. Everyone got something but the winner was Captain Rats who was Katana's deckie with his hairtail of 149 cms.

The Sweeney and Matt caught hairtail as well

Tide n Knots Pete caught a nice flattie, mrsswordie caught a tailor, yarraone a salmon and a great weekend was had by all

Till next time ..........

PS I am very embarrassed that I forgot to thank some important people

Sean (yarraone) who donated a BCF voucher - how very, very kind Sean we can't thank you enough

Pure Fishing who donated fireline and fluorocarbon

NSW Maritime who donated inflatable vests

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