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look, Ive really got no Idea about fishing with lures, I have fished with bait all my life. Although I get salmon on chrome lures, all I do is cast it out and then wind it in real fast off the rocks, thats pretty simple. But Ive tried to get into the soft plastics a bit. I went out and got some berkely power grubs, pumpkinseed colour I think and some jig heads I thought looked about the right sort of size. I rigged it and went out on my kayak over the sand flats and around the moored boats at Sirius Cove on Sydneys North Shore, always good for a flathead there. But I cant get anything on these sp's. I have tried winding them in fast, real slow, jerking it and stuff. Just nothing you know. I really need just a rundown on what its all about, the way to retrieve, the best lures for certain fish, the retrieves for different types of lures, where to fish them, do you need to try another lure if one isnt working immediately, Is the colour important? I read your replies about the best all round lures but I couldnt find any of these at Fish Outta Water, up Pittwater Road.

Id be targetting flathead or bream, so what works for you? Ive also seen some of you type that you troll from your kayak, what does that involve? just flick it off the back and start paddling? Cos' I tried that too.

As for hard bodies, I have real difficulty casting some of the lighter ones, Ive got a little bass lure that I tried up at manly dam and could only cast it about 2.5 metres. How do you cast a lure thats light as, out to where the fish are at? This particular one Ive got looks like a grasshopper.

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Reeso -

Just a couple of thoughts for you. Maybe think about targeting flathead first before going after bream. I reckon theres a better chance of catching a few and getting your confidence up with the soft plastics.

Try a slow lift and drop type retrieve when targetting the flatties and try and cover as much area as you can ie: fan out two or three cast from one position and then move on and do the same again. You have to take the lure to where the fish is.

Also try trolling a small hard bodied minnow type lure behing your Kayak, try and match the lure diving depth to the water depth your are paddling in. ie: If in 3 meters of water troll a lure that dives to say about 2.5meters. This might help you attract a few flatties off the bottom.

Goodluck and dont give up on the softies


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Thanks those articles were reallyhelpful, I headed back down there early this morning and caught 2 nice flathead, with a minnow type soft plastic, Released both.


Sensational Reeso. Well done on the SP Flatties.



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