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where can we buy bulk quality hooks?


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hello everyone, im sure we all think the same way every time we look at a packet of quality hooks,.... there has to be a better way then this, why dont they sell hooks in boxes of 100 any more? where can i buy these hooks in bulk? so where do you buy hooks from ? fishing tackle shops?, department? online local?online international? ..... notice that i did not mention names, please be careful here because we are not allowed to mention names.. i think. if you have found a good cheaper supplier and you do want to share their were abouts please email me etc, thank you all .

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I enquired about bulk hooks at a local franchise type store recently and was told straight up that the likes of Mustad etc, simply don't supply the old 100 qty box anymore. 25 was the biggest pack they could get.

However a few years back, maybe 5 or so, I purchased a couple of boxes from online shop out of the USA when our dollar was pretty good. It's not bad at the moment either, but the basic postage charges from the states has gone up. It was still well worth the effort and expense plus they had models that you don't see here in OZ. Get some mates together and buy a few different boxes and divy up the spoils. It will be well worth it.

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Gamakatsu hooks are available in 100 packs on a certain auction site for $27 + $12 (both in USD) for postage, which is about $37 AUD.

I can only find them in 50 packs on Australian tackle store websites, with the cheapest coming to ($14.95 x 2) + $10 postage for a total of $39.90

For 100 hooks you're probably better off buying local to save on waiting time as the savings are negligible. The savings if you buy say about 400 hooks are:

[uS] (4 x $27) + $12 combined postage = $120 USD which is $114 AUD

[AUS] (8 x $14.95) + $10 (might be $15 instead) = $129.6 or $134.6

You're only saving about $15-20 for 400 hooks so you'll have to decide whether that's worth waiting for.

For this comparison I was using the prices for the Gamakatsu #4 Red Octopus hooks, perhaps there are bigger savings to be had on other hook types.

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