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Problems With Minn Kota


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minn kota,i thought were supposed to be the best trolling motors around so i was glad to folk out my hard earned cash to get a quality product(so i thought).

on my second trip out with my new motor and only having the thing for two weeks to my suprise it wouldnt respond to the foot controller(the model is the rt55 ap)so i thought not pluged in.checked everything still not turning but prop going fine and strangely the auto pilot was turning itself off after a short period of time,and all of a sudden it worked but again the auto pilot kept going off.this kept going for a while until it just all of sudden kept spinning in the same direction and wouldnt stop even after i pulled the foot controller out.had to turn it off at the breaker before it could rip its flexible lead out.

i could expect something like this to happen on an older unit but not two weeks old and i was dissapointed with the response of ABA who i bought it off telling me to bring it back and they will send it away and get fixed-,how about a new unit or even offer to come and pick(living in newport its a fair trek out to drop it off and pick it up and i work most saturdays and fish sundays) the unit up.this was not even mentioned when i called so now im without a motor as its being sent to BLA in queensland for who knows how long and all round a bit cranky about the whole thing.

is this a one off or do they always have problems with these units. :ranting2:

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hi mate ive had my problems before with the kotas same model as you .. was your battery flat and is it ok when it spins around like that meens the battery is nilly flat mine done the same thing and the sterring will stop but you will still have thrust i thought it was playing up again but charged it up and it was fine. they recone the cable sters are the go Cheers Dave

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Minn Kotas :074: , (Sorry), I wouldnt be too hard on the ABA, there isnt another retailer in Australia that would swap you for a new one, they all go back to BLA. As swoffa said, drop it back to BLA your self and the turn around time is about a week to get it back. But test it with a full battery first and also check there isnt the slightest amount of green corrosion on the footpedal connection as both will effect its operation.

Dont worry your not alone with Minnkota problems there are lots of us out there. But my current one hasnt missed a beat yet (Fingers crossed) :1clap:

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If you need the address BLA is located at Brodie St at Rydalmere, it's located at an Industrial warehouse area next to the RHEEM(factory or warehouse I'm not sure).

I just brought my kota to get it's pedal replaced, got it back in less than a week. Once again the customer service at BLA have done a good job at keeping the customers happy. :1clap::1clap:



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You know it'll happen Mick...  :1prop:

Mine has been fine since it went back for the 3rd time in February.


what has happenened to your one if you dont mind me asking. 3 times is a bit rough and how old is it?

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