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Feed of squids


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I have been abit unproductive lately due to university and other commitments, but after some convincing (more like hassling) from my mate, I decided to head out and enjoy a night of squidding.

It started off with both of us scoring two squid each the size of our 2.5g jigs with in 10 minutes. and as the tide was rolling in the productivity increased.

I then got the first decent hit which is the squid you see on the bottom right of the photo, which my mate was already steaming that I got a fairly large green eye. About 10 minutes after then he then hooked up to the one you see on the bottom middle. My mate fishes very light gear, which includes a daiwa steez 1000 and a custom built rod with 6lb line and 6 lb leader. This green eye he hooked up onto had abit of go in him, but we managed to net him with no issues.

Now that my mate had caught a larger squid, I was determined to catch one the next size up from him and for a change, the water seemed to agree. I casted my rod a little to the right of where I was usually casting. At first I thought I caught seaweed, but it was moving freely through the water with no snagging. So then I thought a plastic bag? Nope. after a few more turns of the reel, the squid on the end of the line started fighting. It is always good to hear the reel start releasing line as I have missed hearing it for awhile. He continued to pull line when eventually he tired himself out and my mate managed to net him up. Unfortunately I didn't measure him but, he would be touching 1kg or abit more.

we ended up getting 9 green eyes in all, and a further 3 after the big one. It was a good night and a nice feed to start the festive season!

My setup was a 2500fc twinpower 10lb braid, 8lb leader (seaweed prone area) on a shimano sss v2 pro. We were using a range of squid jigs, but orange was a gun colour, and white jigs, all 2.5g.

post-16019-069132600 1355618816_thumb.jpg

post-16019-015311000 1355618839_thumb.jpg

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