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40th Birthday - Where would you go


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I have got my 40th coming up this year and rather than putting a party on and being left with a mess to clean up I have decided to go fishing for a week. So my question is where would you go? This will be a July / Augsut trip.

So far I am thinking either Vanuatu or Fiji. The one proviso is that the wife and kids will be coming along so a live a board will probably be out of the question.

thanks all


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Wilderness Island for a week off Exmouth if you were by yourself!! ( I am going there in late May for my 60th .... so long as my shoulder repairs in time!) You can Catch all the famous WA Pelagics!! Or just fish Exmouth instead with the family - BIG bonefish, big everything over there!!

Check these vids out for Wilderness island!




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I'd try to take the family to Fiji for a family holiday, and do a week on your own serious fishing. Trying to organise days

while on a family holiday seem to get to complex unless everyone fishes.

Lord Howe has some great fishing shore based and from a boat.


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Boatart the kids wouldn't be fishing as they are only young (6 5, and 2). I have been to Vanuatu before and really enjoyed it. If I decide on Vanuatu I will definately take you up on your offer regarding charter companies.

One of the reasons I was thinking of Fiji is that the kids clubs in the resorts are great fun. It has something for everyone (plus great fishing)

thank you all for your advice


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