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Had the lesser procedure ..... with added extras!


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Hi guys

Excuse the spelling/format - I am tapping this with my arm supported .... and keep hitting wrong keys! Grrr

I had the lesser of the 2 evils done tho it was more than the surgeon expected - acromiplasty with added bicepectomy & manipulation as well, as the surgeon found that I had the beginnings of frozen shoulder as well!! Some of my bicep was badly torn, so some was removed & probably manipulated the sholder to try & fix the frozen bit!

The meds made me throw up after each meal, so have now got a pain patch, Still not sleeping well but hope to be moving it more with each day. It is 10 years since my left shoulder was done & i'd forgotten just how painful it can be! Maybe I am getting soft in my old age! I just want to be OK for my trip to Wilderness Island off Exmouth WA in late May!!

I am seeing the surgeon next Thurs for a progress report - so definitely NO fishing for the next 4 weeks at least, I am guessing.



We are going to Coffs tomorrow as Keith is competing on Sunday. I am supposed to be using my arm as much as I can & driving was given as an OK exercise after day 3 - so should be OK as it has powered steering ..... we will upgrade our accommodation from basic/camping to basic/motel to ensure Keith gets a good sleep! His driving me home from Newcastle on Tues was a little erratic, so I feel better being there with him & doing at least half the driving!
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