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Hi All,

Just landed in Australia from UK and moved into Kellyville. As a keen freshwater course fisherman, could anyone tell me where I can go fishing for freshwater fish close to Kellyville.

I use a pole a lot for silver fish perch and carp, also rid and line for when there is bigger fish. If anyone can help and if there is any freshwater angling clubs that I could join. I would be most grateful for any help.

Just to let you know I am new new, 4 weeks here.

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Perch are a restricted fish although most are down Murry/Darling area but re stocked in many dams.

You could help rid us of all the Carp in the Parramatta, Nepean & Hawksbury Rivers. Close to you - Parramatta, Penrith & out through Windsor would be close for you.

Also have a look at the Dept of Primary Industries web site.

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It is a common misconception that you have to kill carp upon catching them. You don't "have" to kill them although it is recommended that you do. You are allowed to release the fish you catch back into the immediate area from which you caught them but are not allowed to reintroduce them in any other area of the system.

The bass season is now over so pretty much the only other fish you will see in the fresh water on the east side of the mountain are catfish, carp and eels. All bass caught as a bycatch must be released into the water. If however you would like to tackle trout there are plenty of those just on the other side of the mountain around lithgow which is about an hour and a half away from you. There are also plenty of dams on the west side of the mountain which contain golden perch and murray cod if you are keen for a few natives.

Other than that the salt water is not too far away from you where there are all kinds of species in abundance like flathead, jews, bream, kings, whiting and others. Hope it helps.

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Hi Karl,

Yes I concur with Jew Stalker, you can put Carp back into the water where they were caught.

I too am from the UK originally, and upon looking for places to fish, I came into the same predicament as you...Not wanting to kill the Carp.

I understand now that they cause a lot of damage to the waterways, but still, I would rather put them back.

I don't fish for Carp anyways, so its not an issue.

There is some great Trout fishing to be had in Sydney!

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check out "Charlie Carp" fertilizers that's about all they're good for , iv'e seen systems up around Bathurst that i have fished for the past 40yrs overtaken by these pests , knock on the head and feed to the cat.

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yup stacks of carp in every water system that has fresh component. i fish the upper georges river for carp near campbelltown. they only seem to come in one size and thats monsterous. :D

you dont have to kill them but i consider it helping the environment with a quick dispatch. :)

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