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Bream Session


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Hi All, 1st time poster here. What a great site. spend a bit of time every night reading posts and learning something new everyday. Got the permission from Mrs to have a quick night session last night. Start around 8pm gun with pilchards, prawns and chicken as well as soft plastics. threw out one rod with prawn and another one with chicken. quiet for the first 20 minutes even though berley hard. just small nibble and the bait is gone. decided to move 50 metres away....ohh what a decision. see some surface action and quickly throw one rod with prawn. put it down and rig up for soft plastic for the other rod. while im rigging up, my bait rod zzzzzz...pick up the rod. nothing. reel in a bit and back to rigging up. then it goes again. i said what....quickly pick up the rod and nothing again. reel in to check the bait and to my surprise the bait is still there. the fish spit out the bait. the taste doesnt seem right maybe...change to pilchard then back to SP. few flicks nothing. next cast i feel something grabbing the SP. let it run a bit then strike. nothing. i said to myself might be one of those night. check the SP, no tail and body got destroyed so goes in the new one. out of sudden, my bait rod screaming again. pick up the rod and strike. yesss...im on. what a fight on 8lb line. 35cm model :banana: . quickly berley a bit and goes in the pilchard bait. 2 minutes later..zzzzzz. 31model. then it goes quiet for 30 minutes. enough of SP, i change to prawn bait. then i can feel tap,tap,tap, strike. no weight. reel in to check the bait and to my surprise i caught a squid. one happy man :banana: . after that caught one whiting on prawn. last 20 minutes is the highlight of the night. down to the last few pilchards. i decided to chuck out the big bait. two rods both with pilchards. wait for 10minutes, nothing. so decided to pack up for the night. then suddenly one of the rod goes...zzzzzzzzzzz. this fish goes for big run. grab the rod and strike...yeehaaaa. im on...next second...ping..the line snapped :mad3: . right after that , my second rod goes again...love that sound man..zzzzzzz. pick up the rod. yes...on again. then disaster struck. line snapped again :ranting2: . i wish i had more pilchards. snapped line, jewie/monster flathead???? no photos as Mrs keep calling, go home go home :chair:

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