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Back Home In Canberra


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Back home again.

Will post more details of areas fished in my BLOG over the next few days. After Brisbane, I fished with Ken @ Caloundra in marginal conditions, but caught fish, at Bjelke Petersen Dam for Bass, Bundaberg for bream, flathead and threadfin salmon, Somerset Dam for Bass and Yellowbelly and Ballina for flathead, bream abd blackfish.

Some of the Photos attached...




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nice fish david

bet your glad to be back in warm sunny canberra after your stint in that horrid weather up north  :074:


Its B******y freezing here and the local lake is the colour of milk chocolate. Dog was please to see me home :1clap: and the garden needs some work :thumbdown:.

Fishing is not on the plans for the next week or so, but I will be overhauling all reels taken on the trip.

When I first looked at that photo of Ken, I wondered where he kept the brolly until I had a closer look too.

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Me use an umbrella :biggrin2:

The fishing was poor until about a week after you left Granpop. The numbers got better & we averaged around 10 to 12 a session but we got few over 35cm. They are nearly finished now. I just got back from a quick session & got 5 Bream but the best was only 31cm so they all went back. Oh well Flathead time now :biggrin2:

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Sounds like a good trip Grandpop.  Just wondering about the bass fishing at Somerset and Bjelke.  Did you just 'troll blind' or did someone put you onto a few tips ??


I worked the point near Kirkleigh and some deeper holes further down the dam. Looked for bass/bait on the sounder then cast lures. One local was catching good fish and I finally caught up with him - he would locate fish on the sounder then jig with a small chrome lure. If no strikes within 5-10 minutes, he would move on to another school. Apparently tortoises also school and look like bass around the baitfish, but they didn't take the jig.

Caught fish on slow rolled spinnerbait, a jackall, and on soft plastics. Those on SPs were taken on the drop. The bass were also starting to move out onto the flats in about 4 metres of water, and others were catching them there anchored up. I preferred drifting on the wind and if the breeze was a bit brisk, would put a drogue out to slow things down.

At Bjelke Petersen, the fish were deeper (about 18 ft) and very shut down. It took a slowly sinking liver shrimp to wake them up.

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