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Today in port stephens!


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That first photo is amazing, would look great blown up large and hung on the wall.

Nice report too, I'm also still a bit of a novice at SP's I like to give them a try and do catch the odd fish but when I see the people I'm with catching more on bait I always switch back

It is an amazing place! I'm the same on the sp scenario! But if you persist, you will get the feel, hence catch more fish. I think bait and SP's have a time and place to use them! The beauty is you decide!

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Wonderful stuff Scratchie!!

Nice photos, beautiful weather .... looks like you are in paradise there!!

What a great way to relax with the family and friends.

Good on you for persisting with SP's. As mentioned it gives you some more options out on the water.

Congratulations on the new yak as well.

Thanks for sharing.


Ahhhhh paradise it is! For me, it's all about family and being on the water! So if I can combine the two gives me the chance to wet a line! The yak is a great relaxing way to spend time on the water! And a great novelty for the kids. Win, win in my books!

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Oi... Good to see you are getting into the plastics bud! It is great fishing and you can constantly move around. How did the yak go? I am seriously looking at investing in one.

Thanks luc. The yak is awesome and I'm going to buy another one so the mrs can use and then I have even more excuses to go fishing. As for the sp's, I'm getting there. The biggest positive so far is coming home without smelly hands. :)
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