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First bass of the season - 20/9/13


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Went out this morn for my first bass flick of the season. It's too early to be chasing them on surface so I gave some deeper diving HB's a run. Things were very quiet for a couple hours without a hit but finally i was rewarded on one of those "that deserves a fish" casts. After a good fight on silly string, I landed my first bass of the season. Not big by any means but still a solid little fish at 33 TTT. A little hand crafted HB i bought up on the gold coast a while ago did the damage. Ended up leaving soon after but good to get the season underway!


Cheers, Tom

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Nice fish Tom, looks like a Morry Kneebone lure?

Where you been bassin mate? ive only been doing the nepean

Your good! Just did a google and it is indeed a Murray Kneebone. I have to say they are really good - great action on them.

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That lure looks a tad like the Halco scorpions also. I haven't heard of Murray Kneebone before, I may have to give them a go.

I am looking forward to getting out looking for some bass real soon. Well done Tom.


Yeah they are certainly comparable to the scorpions - similar action also. Definitely give his lures ago I'm fairly sure they are available online.

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Well done tom! Always nice to get on the board. And early morning and late arvo, the fish WILL hit surface. I was up in the Macleay on opening and we caught over 20 bass on surface, getting them on surface in the dams and around a few local spots they will hit them.

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