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Very Slow Day


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I decided to take my uncle out for some fishing down Berowra way.

Started off very quite early on in the morning (we started at 9 am, as my boat was frozen solid after the minus degrees that hit Richmond last night, and my uncle did not get out of bed early).

We hit this nice little bay and I started getting heaps of choppers and managed a couple over 30cms.

I then decided to move along to the rock walls and it immediately paid off. After a long fight on the heartland Z with 4 lb I managed this 39cm to the fork bream, which tipped the scales a fraction under 1.5kg.

I then managed to coax another small bream of 26cms.

More choppers later on in the day and not much else.

We hit what was left of the racks in Berowra and did mot even managed a flathead or bream. Actually we did no even manage a flattie all day even on the flats. Very quite day but over the moon with the big bream.

Both where released and happily swum away.







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Guest Jocool
Nice fish Lee :1clap: . I would have been smiling with a bream like that  :tease:


I'm with Dave on this...At least you could have cracked a smile Lee. :biggrin2:

Nice fish too. :thumbup:

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