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rampaging blue


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went out sunday with fellow raider trung with the plan for a marlin troll ,after last weeks effort the hopes weren't to high

with the weather looking right we headed to the 12 mile for a jig for 1 lether jacket jagged in the head then set the spread and headed to the shelf water looked good and temp had good patches off 23.5 we headed north along the shelf we got to long reef then set the plotter for the marlin marks i've had luck with over the last 3 years about 2 km inside the shelf all hell broke loose on the short corner trunk was quick and the screem was marlin rushed to get the spread in but only managed to retreve the teeser and the call was i'm gunna get spooled time to chase we got back a bit off line and i got the rest off the spread in this was a big marlin for us with plenty off air work i only saw one jump as i was to busy driving but the size off the head it looked well over 160kg and i new we were in way over our heads and truely under gunned

well you all know how this ended so i'll spair you the details but we lost the blue and the sentblazer lure but trung was grinning ear to ear and my heart was trying it's best to jump out my chest what a rush rampaging blue i've bagged two blues before on big game boats with big reels but this was trungs first hookup on a marlin so i was very happy for him to not only see a blue but hookup and have a good fight with plenty off jumps well done mate your now stung with the marlin bug

this looks like a cracker off marlin season coming raiders so get out there and do the k's cheers gary

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ray it all happened so fast i was running around like a ckook with no head trying to chase and get the lures in and chase again bloody mayhem no swear words we were both blown away with the power and speed off this blue and to be honest to even see a marlin let alone hook and fight one is a good day for me

ray i'm in for weipa next year and i'll drop off the $ and a bottle off chivas regal[for biggest fish]from the crew soon as i'm no real keen to post a bottle off good scotch cheers mate gary

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Unlucky on the big blue mate.

I'm trying to imagine all 45kgs of Dhype being pulled around the boat!

Don't give Ray the scotch until you're there to watch him drink it.

He seems to get really pissed when you're around!!! :secret::1gathering:



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Hey Gary

Thanks for taking me out and showing me the ropes with game fishing.. I'm only use to catching squid and flatties!

It was a great day out and mate, your farts smell really bad... you need to change your diet buddy!

Anyway, to see 450m of 50lb stripped from the saltiga overhead in 40 seconds was something to behold... truly amazing...

The fish was massive, as Gary cleared the the other rods the marlin was breaking the surface just meters from the boat.... when it felt the hook oh boy did it run!

On its third run, there was like maybe 50 meter of line left when we decided to bump up the drag all the way....... the braid popped... a choice set of words followed!

I have never hooked up to some with such amazing power and speed.... could not do anything but to watch all this line fly off the reel! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

We had the fish on for a few minutes and that was enough to get the smiles happening all round...

No pictures of the marlin ... but here are some flatties I got last week.... i'll be showing Gary how to do that next time we are out! :)




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We had a similar experience on a big blue past browns. We didn't keep enough pressure on him when he was up on the surface and when he was getting air and he got tangled up and snapped off. Like you said it was awesome anyway. We have had success finding them last year in similar area as you so might give NE a go instead of SE next time.


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