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Port Stephens ablaze!


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This was fingal bay alight yesterday! One photo is from my mates house, the others are from the gan gan lookout. What wild weather we had up here yesterday and yet I still managed a fish early morning!

We had a beautiful morning followed by winds, fire, storm with lightening thunder rain and then a blackout. Global warming????




Cheers scratchie!!!

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Yes, my niece lives in Lemon Tree Passage & was evacuated as some of the houses that were burnt were her neighbours! It would seem her house is OK tho, thank GOD! She was very lucky.

Scary times - and these big winds are just hampering the RFS's efforts to control the blazes!


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Hope everyone is ok up there. I will be heading up with some mates on Thursday for golf at Horizons followed by a few days of fishing. If there are any meat raffles or donation bins for the RFS or victims I will be sure to throw some cash at every one I can. Hopefully that gives me a bit of good Karma with the fishing too.

Glad it was not any worse than it was.

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