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Sat night at WB


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Hi Raiders, a late post but I am still confused about Sat night at Waratah.

Started out in the morning with my brother picking up the live bait, yakkas and a few squid. We played around Flint & Steel for nil, Patonga for nil, Elanor Bluff nil, JB for nil, By this time it's getting on in time. We decide to hang out at WB for the night. It's 7.30 and we get out the live bait along with prawn and pillies, 7 rods in all sit back relax and "waiting and "waiting" "waiting, zero, not a touch, not even a pinkie. Spewing pull in a couple of rods set the alarm for 2.30 and put the head down. Alarm goes off put fresh bait and check the yakka's ( still swimming) squid dead so put a fresh one on. Brother gets a hit, Nice run with half pilly on 4/0 circle, BS is my next call, 1.5m hairy on board, perfect hook up top jaw. A warm night water temp 22 mmmm. It's just after 3.30am and I rig some gang hooks with a fillet of pilly, instant hook up another hairy same size. The action goes on untill the sun pops up over the trees then bang as sudden as it started it stops. We have 13 good size hairies in the esky.

We hang around for an hour and decide thats enough. I might add that we spent 3 consecutive weekends chasing the damn things for zero. We pull the gear in and yep the 2 yakkas are still swimming, did a catch and release ( thought they deserved their freedom. Sorry no pics

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